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Anonymous - You seen really happy already. So when you find the dream guy you are talking about desiring and begin to enjoy adult intimacy (you're hot so you'll be strongly desired regarding physical intimacy), you're going to be beaming everywhere you go for a while.

I hope so! Thank you xox



I just want to be married already and have found someone who understands my weirdness but loves me anyways and knows all my secrets and the spots that I am ticklish at even though I claim to not be and will travel the world with and will hold me when I cry and eat ice cream straight out of the…

  • Today was a really weird day I woke up super early and read the paper and it was peaceful since everyone else was sleeping
  • But I had a time in my head that I needed to have breakfast by but it was actually when I needed to LEAVE. I was annoyed so I didn’t make pancakes but my pb and banana toast was still yummy
  • Work was suuuuuper busy today and it was kind of annoying idk
  • I met up with Abb and Kar afterwards to go to Sephora to get some things
  • Then to Target and I ran into a family that is at my old cheering gym and I was trying to avoid them but then they said hi and I was so anxious
  • I got a new Chobani and it has oats in it! :O
  • I also found a planner that I love!
  • I came home and applied for 2 more jobs so hopefully something happens this week
  • I started Girl, Interrupted and am looking forward to it even though I have read it already (but I think I was really not nourished so couldn’t remember what I read)
  • I kept thinking that it was Monday today so now I’m messed up
  • My body image is so fucking bad and I don’t know what to do about it I feel TERRIBLE
  • I had avocado and goat cheese on toast for dinner yum
  • I had a good talk with Denise about the whole job thing and she reassured me that everything will fall into place like it should, and right now it’s out of my control (and I hate it)
  • My stomach is feeling blah again :(
  • I hate that I had ice cream but jimmies are the best
  • A co-worker texted me asking if I wanted to join some of them for dinner at Applebee’s as a “send off” for Lissette on Wednesday and I said no because I have therapy but I could actually go if I wanted but I don’t know if I can do that AH 
  • I’m meeting a friend for coffee tomorrow morning and then going to watch The Bachelorette later on with Abb and Kar along with possible wine?
  • I can’t believe it’s the last week of July wow that’s crazy and kind of scary
  • Sleep sounds fabulous right now
Anonymous - How much u weigh


30000625274 lbs

Anonymous - I believe what that one anon wrote. You're a disgrace to man kind. You have everything you want and you're so unappreciative. Yes, life sucks and trauma sucks but you have everything at your fingertips and you still manage to Bitch at something. You're such a greedy bitch. You'll never grow up. IQ can only get you so far when you are inevitably going to kill yourself. Do you tell the kids at that hospital to go starve themselves? How about your sister? You're ridiculous it's disgusting!


This is disgusting.

THIS IS SO FUCKING UNCALLED FOR. How are you even human?? It’s people like you who make me question society. So you’re judging Olivia based on a PICTURE??? You probably wouldn’t even have sent this if it wasn’t there. Olivia is MORE THAN A BODY. She is one of the kindest, caring, determined people that I know.

You should be ASHAMED.


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