Well, I think it might be the nannying job..


Just give me a ripe banana to have with breakfast and I’ll be happy.

Anonymous - You're beautiful and wonderful

Even though I can’t see who you are I KNOW that you are too. You want to know why? Because beauty isn’t just about the outside. Beauty can also mean a beautiful soul, and you definitely possess one <3


Girls i nanny for made me cupcakes so naturally i am eating one for breakfast!

Anonymous - Just wanted to say that I admire your strength and kindness! The world needs more people like you in it :)

Aw thank you darling! You seem pretty wonderful yourself xox

Anonymous - LOVEloveLove your video. Just now getting around to watching. Thanks for posting. It was so inspiring! <3

YAY that makes me happy :)

Anonymous - What is Kerri's URL? I'll send her a message! xx

Parali-a! Thank you ❤️❤️



I just want to cuddle with someone and feel cared about.


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Anonymous - You can recover and not be vegan. Vegan is another eating disorder

Idk why you sent this?? And I would have to disagree.

  • I really tried to wake up more positive and optimistic today
  • Last minute decision to have a smoothie in a bowl and it was wonderful after a work out
  • I really hate pants blah
  • The 2 managers that I was with most of the day today really make me nervous
  • I am going to see my math teacher on Friday to go over some things and idk if I’ll take the test or not? But if not, we’ll make a plan prob
  • I asked if she knew the woman’s email that I’ve been trying to contact so I sent one to a different email so hopefully third times a charm?
  • Target didn’t have my coconut milk ice cream and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t upset
  • I came home and read and got extremely tired
  • I love Kerri so much and please send her some love <333
  • I tried to challenge my thoughts and I had ice cream and I feel really shitty but hopefully nothing will happen??
  • I don’t have to go into work until 10 tomorrow which is a plus
  • I hope that you all had a good start to your week! xox

peanut butter pretzel ice cream / recipe