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Anonymous - Hi beautiful💗 just curious, what exactly is HIIT? Thanks xoxo

High intensity interval training!

Happy Friday!
  • Last night was the best sleeping weather and I woke up feeling refreshed
  • I felt really strong doing HIIT this morning
  • I tried my new cocoa coconut almond butter on my cocoa banana smoothie and it is FAB
  • I had to get a bone density scan this morning and it was so weird being back in the building where all of my appointments used to be when I was struggling more. I remembered feeling so anxious about going to my appointments making sure I was okay enough to go back home
  • Seeing Rachel today was SO SO amazing. I can’t believe that it’s been 8 months! She helped me get back on my feet and I will never fail to help her. I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful friend and I am going to miss her ALOT
  • I had gelato for the first time today and it was so yummy, I got coconut almond fudge and it was on point
  • I totally forgot about rush hour and the fact that it is a holiday weekend so traffic sucked but could have been worse
  • I called the mother that messaged me yesterday on the phone and she was so sweet. She said that after reading my profile, she just had a feeling that she would really like me. I’m either going to meet her girls on Monday or Tuesday and if they like me I can start possibly by Thursday!
  • I watched Save The Last Dance on TV tonight and I can usually never just sit and watch movies but it was nice
  • Dates+pb <3333
  • I tried the caramel Yoplait greek yogurt and it was waaaaay too sweet for me
  • I had a better day today overall and am trying not to find something that is wrong or that I can be upset about because my brain tends to do that
  • I have a free day tomorrow and idk what I’m going to do with my time so I’m a little bummed, but I guess I’ll just take advantage of it before school starts
  • I hope that you all have a great holiday weekend!
Anonymous - How long have you struggled with disordered eating?

Well, I have an eating disorder not just disordered eating. I believe they’re two different things. I’ve been struggling since 2009, so too long.

Compassion isn’t about solutions. It’s about giving all the love that you’ve got.
- Cheryl Strayed (via razato)